About Us



All the clothes we wear come with a price tag, in a literal sense and also very often at the expense of various factors. For example, farmers are exploited who have to pick the cotton, animals are tested, and the waste products are dumped in nature (often at the farmers’ homes).
In this way, not only the conditions of the farmers are worsened, but also those of the animals and nature in the habitat, and in this way the planet is exploited and thus increasingly weak.
DISHANI is an ethical and sustainable high-end fashion brand that focuses on sustainable products. High quality products with a responsible background.
From the cotton farm to the finished product, people, animals, nature, environment, habitat and the planet are considered.
Sustainability is connected to everything we do. A conscious choice is made about who we work with and what materials are used in our processes.
The fabrics we buy are grown and made in such a way that they do not harm people, animals, nature, environment and the planet. We only use GOTS-certified organic cotton from India, recycled polyester from China and other sustainable materials such as Modal.
Not only do you walk in a high-end brand, but you also contribute
helping people, animals, nature, environment, habitat and the planet.
1/3 of the profit from each purchase goes to helping people, animals, nature environment, habitat and the planet.